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Membership FAQs

Q.  I need to know if I'm able to "see" the pics of hermaphrodite women
       that are on the web-site that are censored.  I'd love to see them 
       up close and clearer.  Are they real? That is, are their cocks and
       pussies real? 

A:  Every pic you see in the preview is guaranteed to be inside and
       uncensored, and of course there are a lot more besides.  All of
       the anatomical parts are completely real, not surgically altered.  
       We have galleries full of hermaphrodites and only hermaphrodites. 
       All hermaphrodite pictures and sexual images are 100% real.

Q.  I have some doubt this is real, many times it is faked. Forgive me
       for saying so but I do have some doubts.

A:  All of our pics are guaranteed to be genuine.  Absolutely all of our pics
       are 100% real - there are NO FAKES.

Q.  Do you have actual e-mail addresses of hermaphrodites or can we
       contact them through you on the site (you forward our e-mail to 
       them)?  Or do you just have the bulletin board where members post 

A:  You get the actual e-mail addresses of hermaphrodites so you can
       contact then directly.  We do not forward the mail to them.
       Some of them have sent pictures of themselves.  You can read some
       of the actual ads at the hermaphrodite bulletin board.

Q.  Can I sign up for the month today, do a cancellation tomorrow and
       still have the entire month's access?  Or, if I cancel tomorrow, 
       will my membership access be canceled tomorrow as well?

A:  You can cancel anytime during the first 31 days to avoid being rebilled.
       Cancel anytime during any month, and you will not be rebilled again.
       Your membership will expire after the time period you paid for.

Q.  Is this $29.99 payment for 1 month?  No other money will be taken out of
       my account without my okay? I intend to pay by check.

A:  It costs $29.99 payment for 1 month.  No other money is taken out of your
       account until next month.  Join and look around for up to 31 days.
       Then if you don't want to continue for another month, simply cancel at:
       Customer Support

Q.  I have always been intrigued with the hermaphrodite. This has been true
       since I was a teenager and first heard of their existence. In my opinion,
       they are the most intriguing people on Earth. I understand that the 
       Roman Emperors paid fortunes for them. Although I'm not gay and enjoy 
       being a heterosexual male, I find hermaphrodites very arousing. 
       How would I go about dating a hermaphrodite?

A:  Place an ad describing yourself, where you live, and make it good.
       You should also write directly to hermaphrodites that interest you
       and that are interested in meeting men.  You get their real email 
       addresses when you signup for membership.

Q.  I keep getting "Authorization Required" on the Live Sex Shows.
       I thought I was getting everything on the home page.  True?

A:  Yes!  You do get all the live sex shows 100% free!
       The live shows for members are not located in the
       preview section They are located in the member section.
       Please keep in mind that we do NOT have any real hermaphrodites 
       performing live.  The performers are all transsexuals. We are still 
       searching for true hermaphrodites who are willing to perform live.

Q.  Hermaphrodites don't exist, and you have nothing but fake pictures.

A:  Contrare!  Learn all the facts about hermaphrodites in the membership FAQs,
       and see the uncensored pictures and even hardcore pictures 
       which are definately not fake to know that they certainly do exist.

Q.  Question - Are there video files on your site & do they work with WebTV?

A:  Yes!  For those with computers, you can view MPEGs with sound that will
       play on your computer without any additional software.  For older
       computers and WebTV you can view movies made especially for you.

Q.  Hi my name is Stacey. I'm 25 and live in NC. USA.  I surfed the web to 
       get to know more about my gender, and I'm trying to meet people
       with the same problem or should I say gift as mine.  I'm a true
       hermaphrodite with karotype XX/XY.  When I came on your site I was almost
       clicking on the X of my browser because this is not what I was looking
       for. Then I saw the text write us and talk with other hermaphrodites or
       our members. This is what I really would like because I had never a chance
       in my life to talk with a female like me. Tell me more about this program.

A:  We provide hermaphrodites a forum for communication, a means of reaching
       out to hermaphrodites, and others that have expressed a sincere desire
       to know more about hermaphrodites.  Our members are for the most part
       very sincere people and hermaphrodites that wish to know more about
       themselves and other hermaphrodites, communicate and sometimes meet.
       Although many are interested only in sexual relationships, many seek more.
       In order to remain profitable, we cater to the sexual fantasy side, but
       we do everything we can to accommodate true hermaphrodites like yourself.
       You will be very pleased to know the many people you will meet here.
       We strongly encourage you to signup for membership.

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