Hermaphrodites are persons born with both a female vagina, and a penis. Most go through life outwardly as females because from a physical aspect they usually look like women. They develop breasts, have a fully functioning penis, and also a fully functioning vagina, labia and clitoris. Their testicals are internal, so although it appears that they do not have balls, they do, and can ejaculate sperm as a truly functioning man. Most hermaphrodites can father ren, and also conceive ren. Theoretically they can fertilize their own eggs, so they can be both father and mother to the same .

Hermaphrodites are sometimes born to male and female parents. When either of the parents is an hermaphrodite, the chances of them siring hermaphrodites rises dramatically. When two hermaphrodites mate, the chances of them giving birth to an hermaphrodite is even greater. By educating the world to hermaphrodites, we are helping hermaphrodites thrive in the world and meet with greater understanding and acceptance. By giving true hermaphrodites born with both sets of sexual organs the opportunity to find each other and meet, we are helping to propagate more hermaphrodites. Within a few generations, there could be many more hermaphrodites in the world than today!

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Hermaphrodites are more common than most people realize, but are often surgically altered shortly after birth because a physician advises castration of the penis. If you have a newborn hermaphrodite, or have just learned that your fetus is a hermaphrodite, we strongly urge you to read this before surgically altering your . If you are a hermaphrodite, we invite you to enter Hermaphrodite.com but please understand that we are an adult oriented site. You can find general information and relevant links at the Intersex Support Group. ARE YOU AN HERMAPHRODITE? Some of our members and other hermaphrodites would like to write to you. If you are an hermaphrodite and would like to get mail from our members or from other hermaphrodites, please write us.

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